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افتراضي Cairo Business Plaza New Capital

Cairo Business Plaza New Capital

Cairo Business Plaza New Capital is waiting for you
A new start by Better Home for Real Estate Development and Development in its first administrative project within the New Capital, Cairo business plaza mall. This project was designed to be an integrated administrative project that provides a number of different units that suit all administrative work.

The owner company chose the financial and business district to be the site in which Cairo Business Plaza was built. It is indeed a distinguished place for the establishment of various projects, as it is not far from the major neighborhoods such as the government district and the ministries district, and it is also a short distance from the rest of the important facilities in the capital.

And in order to make this project an integrated architectural model, it was designed according to high-level European standards, which have a unique and attractive character, and different spaces were provided within the units to spend some time in comfort away from the pressures of work.

This is not only what Better Home offers to its valued customers, as it also provides a large number of various features and services, including basic and recreational, which help in creating a comfortable and fruitful work environment for investors and business owners.

If investing in this large Cairo business plaza project is an irreplaceable golden opportunity, it is indeed a special place that is presented in your hands on a silver platter, so act now and get various facilities and discounts that suit your needs.

The location of Cairo Business Plaza Project in the new capital
Better Home Company has always been distinguished by choosing unique locations in the administrative capital to construct the various projects it undertakes, and here it is distinguished once again in selecting new and distinctive spots within the capital to build Cairo Business Plaza, which is the financial and business district located in the heart of the city and surrounded by many and many facilities and roads The important service that serves the mall in general.

This large architectural edifice is located in one of the important areas within the capital, which is close to the different parts of the capital, and we will explain in the following some of those places and roads that are close to the project:

This project is close to the famous Chinese towers.
Nor is it far from the well-known Fairmont Hotel.
It is separated by a number of kilometers between it and the iconic tower and the Infinity Tower.
It is also located directly on the desert road, which makes it easy to move to and from it.
Also, this project enjoys a distinctive surroundings, as it is located between a number of branches of major banks, major companies, hotels, and many other large administrative and commercial facilities.

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